Intro SUP

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€35 p.p.
Beginners SUP lesson
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This is your introduction to Stand Up Paddle surfing. Stand Up paddle surfing is a multi faceted sport. Whether you are touring through the polder, making a down winder or surfing the waves at your local beach, SUP offers something for everyone. It's also a great total body work out!

This is a hands on lesson. After a briefing on the beach you will get straight into the water to practise the first balance exercises. You will return to the beach at intervals to receive feedback and instruction regarding the next practicle exercises. You will learn the following SUP skills

  • explanation of materiaal
  • safety considerations
  • paddle stances
  • steering/control

€35 p.p.

  • 1,5 hour lesson
  • including use of material 
  • maximum of 8 students to 1 instructor
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